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Founded on Fertile Grounds.

R.C. Hatton Farms is located in Pahokee, Florida which is on the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee, and is known for having some of the most fertile ground in the United States. Okeechobee, a word meaning “big water” in Seminole, represents the name of “Lake Okeechobee”, the largest lake in Florida. The lake is completely surrounded by the Herbert Hoover Dike, which has kept R.C. Hatton’s farmland safe from flooding for many generations.

Dating Back to 1932.

Robert C. Hatton founded R.C. Hatton Farms in 1932 during the Great Depression. R.C. Hatton Farms initially produced sweet corn and beans and expanded over the years from several hundred acres to its present size of 12,000 acres. Son Roger Hatton took over the business in the sixties and incorporated R.C. Hatton in 1964.

RC Hatton Today.

Since the 1960’s, R.C. Hatton Inc. has been a pioneer in developing crop production methods, as well as a leader in developing many sweet corn varieties. Today, R.C. Hatton Inc. is co-owned by Roger Hatton and Paul Allen.  R.C. Hatton Inc. is a member of the Florida Fruit and Vegetable AssociationSunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of FloridaFresh From FloridaFlorida Farm Bureau,  Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative, and the United States Sugar Corporation. R.C. Hatton Inc.’s vegetables are marketed by long-standing business associate Hugh Branch, Inc.

RC Hatton in Georgia.

In addition to our home base in south Florida, RC Hatton Inc. has been growing sweet corn and green beans in South Georgia since 2004.

farm fresh Florida corn

We strive for perfection. In order to keep our Florida sweet corn tasting fresh, we are willing to put forth extra efforts. Instead of packing corn in the field like most farms, R.C. Hatton crews transport it in specially-designed, reinforced bins to the packinghouse, where it is packed to our customer’s specifications in a controlled environment which provides a much better working environment for our employees. The corn is hydro-chilled to remove field heat and to keep its sugars from turning into starch. It is then stored in a climate-controlled warehouse, where our quality control team inspects the corn to ensure that they are closed and stacked properly for the trip to store shelves and dinner plates. We offer our sweetcorn in value-added packaging, as well.

farm fresh sugar cane

We grow about 4,500 acres of sugar cane and are a part of the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida and United States Sugar Corporation.

farm fresh cabbage

Our red and green cabbage is primarily sold for processing purposes. The balance of RC Hatton’s cabbage is boxed for retail sales around St. Patrick’s Day.

farm fresh green beans

We thoroughly wash, sort, and then pack our green beans in either 30-pound wire-bound crates or RPC’s (Returnable Plastic Containers). We offer our beans in value-added packaging as well.