Give Fresh Challenge

Give Fresh Challenge

There’s a new challenge in town and we are so excited to share it with you! Initiated by the Western Palm Beach County Farm Bureau, we introduce the “Give Fresh Challenge”! The #GiveFreshChallenge is an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to demonstrate their love and support for Florida farmers while also giving back to those in need within our communities. Amazing, right?

The Florida Farm Bureau Federation is dedicated to increasing the net income of farmers and ranchers, while also improving the quality of rural life, so it makes sense why they want to help us farmers! In Western Palm Beach County, both farmers and those who live and work in our communities are faced with daily challenges – farmers are working tirelessly to produce food, yet there are people who do not have the means to afford the fresh, healthy foods being produced. Understanding this dilemma, the #GiveFreshChallenge was initiated in an effort to help connect the fresh local food being grown to people who may otherwise not have access to enjoy what’s being grown right here in their communities.

Now that you understand what a significant impact you can make by participating in the #GiveFreshChallenge – we are going to tell you how easy it’s done!

1. Find a local food bank to be the recipient and coordinate your drop-off.

Here are a few places to start: Feeding South Florida, Palm Beach County Food Bank, The Light House Café Ministries of the Glades

2. Purchase #FreshFromFlorida products in your local supermarket.

Here is a chart of what’s currently in season here in Florida.

3. Donate them to the local food bank.

Be sure to take a picture of you donating the items and share to social media with the hashtags#GiveFreshChallenge +#FreshFromFlorida to help bring awareness to the challenge, farmers, and the local food bank that is making a difference in your community! Together we can support farmers and reach communities throughout Florida and beyond!

Will you be the next to accept the challenge & help support local farmers + local organizations serving those in need?