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8 Methods of Cooking Corn on the Cob

How do you cook your corn on the cob? As farmers, we work hard to grow the freshest, most delicious corn on the cob, but how you cook it matters! We recently came across this awesome article from “kitchen”. To make sure you never end up with lackluster corn on the cob again, they put eight popular methods of cooking it to the test. They went out and bought a bunch of corn, and tested each different method. Then, they tested them in a side-by-side taste test to see which one was the best. They discovered that some of the methods worked better than others, but there was one clear winner that made perfectly cooked corn. Can you guess which it was?

Credit: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell; Design: The Kitchn

Click here to view all 8 methods and the results!

After testing all 8 methods for cooking corn on the cob, grilling them in their husks was the clear winner. The husks helped steam the corn, keeping it moist and preventing it from drying out. But they also burnt on the outside and charred, giving the corn a bold smoky flavor. It was all of the flavors of grilled corn, without any of the dried, burnt bits that sometimes happen when you grill it without the husks. But if you don’t have a grill, boiling corn in salted water is a great option. You won’t get that charred flavor, but the kernels will be plump, juicy, and perfectly salted.


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