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Since the 1960s, R.C. Hatton Inc. has stood as a trailblazer, spearheading innovations in crop production methods and leading the charge in the development of numerous sweet corn varieties. Today, the reins of R.C. Hatton Inc. are held by co-owners Roger Hatton and Paul Allen, visionaries committed to excellence and progress.

As a proud member of esteemed organizations, including the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida, Fresh from Florida, Florida Farm Bureau, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative, and the United States Sugar Corporation, R.C. Hatton Inc. embodies a steadfast dedication to industry standards and collaboration.

Expanding horizons beyond South Florida, R.C. Hatton Inc. established roots in South Georgia in 2004, cultivating sweet corn and green beans with the same passion and expertise that define their operations in the Sunshine State. This expansion underscores R.C. Hatton Inc.’s commitment to growth and diversification, ensuring a legacy of agricultural excellence that transcends borders and generations.



R.C. Hatton Farms flourishes on the fertile eastern shores of Lake Okeechobee, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Pahokee, Florida. Known for its verdant fields and rich soil, this region has long been celebrated as one of the agricultural jewels of the United States. The name “Okeechobee,” steeped in Seminole heritage, signifies “Big Water,” a tribute to the grandeur of Florida’s largest lake, embraced by the protective embrace of the Herbert Hoover Dike, ensuring the safety of R.C. Hatton’s farmland for over nine decades.

In the depths of the Great Depression in 1932, Robert C. Hatton planted the seeds of what would become R.C. Hatton Farms, nurturing crops of sweet corn and beans as symbols of hope and resilience. From its modest beginnings, spanning just a few hundred acres, the farm has bloomed into a vast expanse encompassing 12,000 acres of agricultural bounty. Steered by the visionary leadership of Roger Hatton in the 1960s, R.C. Hatton evolved into a cornerstone of agricultural ingenuity, formally incorporated in 1964 to solidify its enduring legacy. Today, R.C. Hatton Farms stands as a testament to the spirit of perseverance, innovation, and stewardship, embodying a commitment to excellence that spans generations.



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“God has been good to us,” Allen says. “Our farm and our company is all about our people — taking care of them and supporting the communities we farm and do business in.”

Roger Hatton & Paul Allen

At R.C. Hatton Farms, our journey is woven with stories of dedication, growth, and the passing of wisdom from one generation to the next. Paul Allen, our esteemed co-owner, embarked on his agricultural odyssey from humble beginnings, beginning with cleaning celery boxes and ascending to a pivotal role within our organization.

In 1984, Paul took a significant leap forward by joining R.C. Hatton Farms under the mentorship of Roger Hatton, the farm’s visionary founder. Reflecting on those formative years, Paul fondly recalls Roger’s influence: “I would not be where I am today without Roger Hatton. It was a mentor relationship, but he gave me the freedom to grow the business and try new things. He was an entrepreneur and a very talented man. I learned a lot from him.”

Guided by Roger’s wisdom, Paul assumed the mantle of farm manager, overseeing the expansion of our core crops and diversifying our operations to include Performance NAPA, a chain of NAPA Auto Parts stores across South Florida. Today, our farm proudly cultivates around 12,000 acres of sweet corn in Florida and Georgia alongside green beans, cabbage, and sugarcane.

As the bond between Hatton and Allen deepened, Roger extended an invitation for Paul to become a co-owner of the company. Despite initial hesitation stemming from considerations around raising his young children with his wife, Debra, Paul eventually embraced the opportunity, recognizing the potential to shape the farm’s future alongside his family.

In May 2022, Roger Hatton passed away, leaving behind a legacy etched in the annals of our company’s history. Within our headquarters, memories of Roger and those who paved the way adorn our walls, serving as constant reminders of the values that guide us.

Paul Allen’s stewardship extends beyond ownership; he is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders within our ranks. His son, Jonathan Allen, now spearheads our vegetable production, infused with the wisdom gleaned from years of immersion in farm life. Jonathan reflects, “I grew up on the farm watching and learning from how my dad did things and how the farm operates. I started working full-time in 2005 and worked my way up from fieldwork to managing the vegetable side of the farm. I am taking what I have learned along the way and applying some of my own new ideas that hopefully will make the farm better.”

At R.C. Hatton Farms, our story is one of resilience, mentorship, and a commitment to excellence that spans generations. As we honor our past and embrace the future, we stand united in our pursuit of agricultural innovation and community stewardship.

Welcome to the Everglades Agricultural Area

Our 8,000-acre farm, nestled beside the serene shores of Lake Okeechobee, enjoys the privilege of being situated in the heart of the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA), a region renowned worldwide for its agricultural prowess. As the top grower of sugarcane and winter vegetables, our farm stands as a testament to the fertile abundance of this unique ecosystem.

The Everglades Agricultural Area encompasses a sprawling expanse of land in South Florida, encompassing approximately 700,000 acres of rich, muck soils ideally suited for agriculture. It is a mosaic of fields, canals, and wetlands, carefully managed to sustain both agricultural productivity and environmental integrity.

The soil, often referred to as “black gold,” is teeming with nutrients and vitality, a legacy of centuries of natural deposition and ecological processes. This fertile foundation, coupled with the temperate climate moderated by Lake Okeechobee, creates an optimal environment for crop cultivation year-round.

Our farm benefits from this bounty, producing not only green beans, corn, and sugar cane but also a diverse array of winter vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. The temperate microclimate orchestrated by the presence of the lake mitigates frost concerns, allowing us to extend our growing season and ensure a consistent supply of fresh produce to markets near and far.

Beyond its agricultural significance, the Everglades Agricultural Area plays a vital role in sustaining regional water resources and supporting diverse wildlife habitats. It serves as a buffer against encroaching urbanization and provides a lifeline for countless species, including migratory birds and iconic Florida wildlife.

As stewards of this land, we recognize the importance of responsible stewardship and sustainable practices. Through innovative techniques and conservation efforts, we strive to balance the demands of agriculture with the imperative of environmental preservation, ensuring that future generations may continue to reap the benefits of this remarkable landscape.

In the heart of the Everglades Agricultural Area, our farm stands as a beacon of agricultural excellence, rooted in tradition yet embracing the promise of a sustainable future. It is a testament to the enduring bond between humanity and the land, a bond nurtured by the fertile soils and gentle waters of Lake Okeechobee, and a legacy we are proud to uphold.