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Sweet Corn + Publix

Our delicious sweet corn is just what you need on your dinner table! Not only is it tasty… sweet corn is also packed with nutrients! In fact, corn contains higher amounts of antioxidants than many other common grains, such as:
  • Ferulic acid: One of the main polyphenol antioxidants in corn, which contains higher amounts of it than other cereals, such as wheat, oats, and rice. (Arnarson 2015)
  • Anthocyanins: A family of antioxidant pigments responsible for the color of blue, purple, and red corn. (Arnarson 2015)
  • Zeaxanthin: Named after corn (Zea mays), zeaxanthin is one of the most common carotenoids found in plants. In humans, it has been linked with improved eye health. (Arnarson 2015)
  • Lutein: One of the main carotenoids in corn. Like zeaxanthin, it is found in the human eye (retina) where it serves as an antioxidant, protecting the eye from oxidative damage produced by blue light. (Arnarson 2015)
  • Phytic acid: An antioxidant that may impair the absorption of dietary minerals, such as zinc and iron. (Arnarson 2015)
Plus, our sweet corn is non-GMO! Now, before you head out to your Florida neighboorhood Publix to pick some up, you may want to add these Publix Aprons flavor-filled recipes to your menu this week! You can even simply add all of the ingredients to a printable shopping list! Click the recipe image below to get started!


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