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Palm Beach Zoo

In these challenging times, we are all craving some positivity! Recently, organized by Zoo partner Florida Crystals Corporation, RC Hatton Farms along with First Produce distributors of Pompano Beach, Pero Family Farms of Delray Beach & other farmers in western Palm Beach County’s Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) donated fresh, local produce to the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. Palm Beach Zoo’s van made pickups from Belle Glade to Pompano Beach, gathering crates full of sweet corn, lettuce, kale, & green beans.

“Locally grown foods from the EAA have fed our community through good times & bad,” said Caroline Villanueva, Florida Crystals’ South Florida external & community affairs manager. “EAA farmers have been donating fresh produce to children & families during this crisis &, as longtime supporters of the Zoo & its conservation efforts, we are pleased to be able to facilitate a supply of fresh produce to feed the animals.” The Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) is among the most fertile farmland in the United States & is the largest supplier of winter vegetables, including sweet corn, radishes, green beans, lettuce, & other leafy greens, as well as rice & sugarcane. Florida wouldn’t be what it is today without the strong farming communities that produce wholesome, delicious food.

Watching the videos of the animals enjoy all the fresh produce filled us with joy, so we, of course, had to share! We know times are difficult, but we will get through this together; in the meantime, we are hoping to spread a little light by sharing these videos & highlight the goodness in our community. Watch below as Priscilla the porcupine enjoys corn, Wilbur the sloth gobbles up blueberries, & Myles the tortoise chows down on some green beans!